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lilarianna's Journal

6 September 1975
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I am over 30, I work a full time job, single, Bi sexual, Christian, I love friends and meeting people. I have a very open mind, my mind closes to anything that harms another human being or animal. I am kind, unless you push the right buttons, my temper is light, I enjoy a vast variety of things, just ask!

About lil mini me, age ranges, 6-14, sweet, feisty little girl who loves to play with her dolls, teddy bears, dress up, make up if she can sneak some! At times very cheeky other times quiet. Little Ari is shy at first but once you get to know her and gain some trust you will be wrapped around her finger. Very submissive, loves pleasing Daddie, Mommie, Auntie, Uncle, ect. Innocent yet very curious about everything. Looking for someone strict, loving, gentle, not afraid to punish if needed, someone who will follow limits to the T, as I will follow yours. As I am submissive would love to have someone who is the opposite.


I only play online, as my real life does not allow otherwise at this time, my real life will not enter here until I trust you and after some time. I am sorry but that includes phone and pictures. Please don't ask.

You must be over the real life age of 18, If you are not please respect and go somewhere else.
Nothing that causes harm, rp or not.
No screaming or degrading, remember I am your little girl and you love me! =)
No potty play, what goes in the potty stays in the potty
No animal rp *ick*