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(no subject)

March 4th, 2012 (04:58 pm)

Has it really been two years?!? My goodness time does fly. Life is fantastic, but I'm left with some free time and what better well to fill it than with my kink. 

I don't claim to be the best writer in the world, but so what. I have fun doing my little stories. If this one's liked, maybe I'll do it more often.  

This story is not real, pure fantasy. Duh.... 

My name is Emily and I have the best family. Everyone says that right? Well mine is... we are not your everyday family either, we are very open. Everyone from my parents to my grandparents, aunts and uncles and even my cousins. We live in Montana, on a ranch and we say we are nudists.. well we have to tell people something right? I mean one time the mail man had to deliver something and when I answered the door naked... well my whole life I never wore clothes, so why would I have today? Anyway he stood there gawking at me with an expression on his face that made me giggle... Well it didn't help when my dad walked past me and he was naked too! Well.. so we had to tell people something. And you know the judge actually believed my parents? Cool huh?
My parents are having a party tonight, and up until tonight the only people that ever had sex with me was them. Sure, they all fondle and touch..we all do, but that's different. But tonight my parents  had agreed to let my uncle, who doesn't have a daughter of his own, or a wife. My parents are both what most would call dominant, and I'd been raised to do as I was told, and I didn't call them just Mommy and Daddy.. sometimes they were Master and Mistress and today was one of those days. 
We were waiting for everyone to arrive and my grandpa was already here and even though I'm a little too big now.. eighteen to be exact, he still likes me to sit on his lap. He's still kinda young my grandpa, my mom was young when she had me so he's only fifty five and not all wrinkly yet. My mom smiled as she walked in the room and saw me sitting on his lap.. "Dad get her close, but don't let her cum please, I want Mark to really enjoy her and she's so pretty when she cums." At her words, he turned me so I was facing him, either foot on the sofa so my knees were bent up, opening me all the way for him and he placed my hands behind me on his knees. "Now you be a good little girl for grandpa and be nice and still so I can get a good look at ya." He meant a good touch, but that's what he always said, I smiled as his gentle hands took my breasts and began to play with them. "Yes, Sir, Grandpa. I'll be a good girl for you." He took my nipples between his fingers and began to twist and pull at them until they were nice and hard and then he used his mouth instead. His fingers moving to my hairless pussy and played as I displayed myself for him. "Look at that, my little grandbaby already wet for grandpa. You like that don't you baby?" He asked as he played across my clit, his large hand cupping and fondling my young pussy. "Oh yes grandpa, I love it when you play with my pussy." It didn't disturb him for a moment as people started showing up, he fondled even so, his cock was against my thigh and I could feel how hard he was getting and I knew I had to be dripping wet by now, because he stopped. "That's enough for now, don't want to get your old grandpa in trouble." I giggled and leaned forward to kiss him "Thank you grandpa, that felt so good." He gave me a wink as I slid off of his lap and went out back to help my parents. It was a beautiful day, some of my cousins were already in the pool, and some of the adults too. Before long my Uncle Mark showed up and I rushed over to greet him,he had a big smile on his face. "I can't wait to fuck you little girl" He said with a silly grin on his face, he frowned as he touched between my legs and found me wet. "You didn't start without me now did you?" I blushed and shuffled my feet. "No Uncle Mark, Grandpa was just playing around, but I didn't cum. I saved it all for you." He smiled and patted my ass and looked pleased and went to speak to my parents. 
  Finally everyone was fed and going off to their various locations, some with their own families, some mixed here and there, some watching things heat up. My uncle came and found me and held out his hand and I took it eagerly. He led me up to my room and closed the door, saying he wanted some privacy.. I didn't think it was important to tell him that there was a camera in my room. My parents liked to watch me when I masterbate see... So they'd see this too. He laid me on my bed and got in beside me, his hands wasted not a moment as he began to rub over my breasts. Mom had told me I had to obey my Uncle, he knew the limits and could be trusted, and from the moment he started, I was to be a good girl. And so I was... I opened my legs for him, welcoming his touch. "Not yet little girl, masterbate for me." I blushed as my fingers moved to obey, dipping into my slit. His hand opened my legs more. "Yes, Sir" I said, as I slid two fingers inside my wet pussy, my other hand rubbing across my clit. "Yes, good girl.. work that pussy for me. You're going to be Uncle's good little slut tonight aren't you?" I fingered myself deep and fast for him, my lith body arching and squirming under his gaze. "Yes, Sir.. I'm gonna be your good slut and let you fuck me." He smiled and moved up higher on the bed, getting on his knees, rubbing his cock over my face. He had a big cock, not as big as Daddy's but big still. My mouth opened as he tapped my lips and in his cock went, my lips wrapping around and I began to suck. He let out a moan of pleasure as he pulled my fingers from my pussy and replaced them with his own. His breath quickened as I sucked his cock expertly, my tongue swirling around the head and then taking him deep in my throat. This was the first thing I learned, was how to please a man and I have to say I'm very good at it, so good that he had to pull out of my mouth and within about two seconds he was between my legs, watching my face.. I knew that look. "Please fuck me Sir, fill my wet pussy with your big cock!" His smile widened as he mounted me, pressing his cock inside until I could feel his heavy balls against my cheeks. He lowered his mouth to my breasts, devouring them as he began to thrust. I wasn't exactly tight anymore, but still tight enough to wrap snuggly around his cock. My hand went back between my legs as my uncle fucked me, rubbing and playing with my clit. He must have liked that because he sped up, and let out a deep moan, almost more like a growl really. "Oh yes uncle! You feel so good! You're gonna make me cum!" Deeper and deeper it seemed he thrusted, his mouth on my breasts bitting and sucking at my nipples. My young body writhing and arching under him, our sounds of pleasure  had to have reached downstairs, and I'm certain my scream as I came certainly reached outside, because foot steps could be heard rushing up the stairs and there was my grandpa, my uncle looked over his shoulder when he heard the door. "Well I'm not killing her, Dad, she just came is all." My grandpa looked at us with a sheepish grin on his face and one look at me told him I was doing just fine. "Well you might as well come in now pop, maybe the little slut will suck that cock of yours."
My grandpa frowned at him.. "Don't be talking about my grandbaby like that boy, she's sweet little slut, not just any ole slut." My giggles filled the room and grandpa came and stood next to the bed. He pushed my hand off of my pussy and replaced it with his own, as he fed my mouth his cock. "Show grandpa how much you love him" Well I certainly felt like a slut now! My uncle went back to fucking me as I welcomed the cock in my mouth and began working him eagerly. His fingers were pinching and twisting at my clit and soon I was cumming again. His each of their free hands found my nipples, tugging and twisting at them and then I felt a gush inside me as my uncle came. It was a good thing I was on birth control. 
  "Well now that is quite a show, my little one is being good for you both?" They both looked up at my mom telling her what good girl I was being. "That's good to hear. Emily.. I do believe it's time we let grandpa fuck you, yes?" I looked from her to  my uncle, to grandpa who got the biggest smile on his face and then I looked back at mom. "Yes Mistressmommy" A that she went and sat across the room to watch, and the men changed places. Grandpa's cock was a little larger than I was used to but still he slid in easily enough and my mouth was once again filled with my uncle's cock. The mixture of mine and his cum filling my mouth. 
  After a few minutes like that, my mom left the room, telling them to fuck me as they long as they wanted. By now I was on my knees, grandpa taking me from behind, my uncle was laying under me, in a sixty nine position our mouths working hard on each other and I knew he was licking grandpa too because he said.. "That's it my boy, suck your dad's balls, feels damn good!" His thumb had worked it's way inside my anus, thrusting in time with his cock. 
   Finally they both came again, kissing me and praising me they left the room. I took a moment to catch my breath and then cleaned myself up and went back outside. My mom motioned me over to her and patted the side of her leg. I quickly went over and knelt down beside her, smiling lovingly. She opened her legs and pointed at her pussy and I quickly obeyed  and knelt between her legs, lapping at her quite wet pussy. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Daddy with two of my cousins and my uncle with his dad drinking beers. My lips tugged and sucked at mommy's clit until she came, her fingers twisted in my long hair holding me firmly in place. Her foot pushing my hips up so my butt was in the air, and then I felt someone mounting me from behind. I tried to turn my head to see who it was but I couldn't, so I continued my work while someone else fucked me. I felt smaller hands on my breasts and knew two of my cousins were playing with them. It was all I could take as I came again and felt hot splatters against my butt cheeks as the strange cock came. 
  Finally I was able to turn and see who had just fucked me.. and do you know who it was? The mailman!! I think my face must have looked pretty funny because those watching laughed. Finally my mom spoke. "Such a good little slut my baby. This is Mr Perry, go and thank him properly. You are going to be seeing him for a half an hour every morning." Now normally I wouldn't mind this sort of thing, but Mister mailman had to be about 70.. and the night was ended by me thanking him properly and we all know what that means! 

Two days later...

Come to find out the mailman had done a bit of snooping and found out our dirty little secrets and since he had photos, my parents had no choice but let the old pervert have his way. Our party was on a Saturday night, so we didn't see him again until Monday morning. He wasn't very attractive at all, he had a beard that felt very scratchy, a big gut that looked like he drank too much beer and he was very wrinkled. He was shown to the sitting room, and ordered me to kneel in front of him and suck his cock. Which I did for a very long time...it was very different with this man, he wasn't someone who loved me. But I have to admit... and don't say anything, but I kinda liked being used and ordered about. For a while he let me control my sucking, and then he would hold my pig tails tight and fuck my mouth.  His favorite thing to do was drape me over his lap, and spank me for being a naughty little girl. He soon learned that the more he told me he'd spank me harder if my pussy became any more wet, that I'd soon be dripping all over his leg... this always made him laugh. When my ass was red enough for him, he'd turn me over, still on his lap and play with my body. Today he had brought some toys of his own. "Now then little toy, let's see how much you really like pain." He grinned as my face paled and showed me some clamps which he attached to my hard nipples, causing me to squeal out. These were special clamps he said, the harder my nipples got, the more it would hurt. He gave a few slaps to my thighs and my sopping wet pussy and made me lick his hand clean. Then he took out a small dildo, and turned it on, and slid it around my juices, getting it wet and pushed it inside my ass. Oh but it felt good! And then he took out a dildo and I could tell by looking at it that it was the same size as his cock, which was pretty big actually. He pushed me to the couch, keeping only my hips on his lap which arched me up where he could have an easier time of things and in the dildo went. By the time he was finished with the dildo I had came several times. I liked the way he talked to me, calling me a pretty little cunt, naughty slut who likes old cock. And then by the time he was ready, I wasted no time begging him to fuck me.. and boy did he. He'd bend me over the arm of the couch and fuck me till I was screaming, the whole time using the vibrator on my ass or pulling at the plugs. I was a limp noodle by the time he left. My parent's don't know but in the afternoons when I'm out walking the dog, I'm meeting him at the edge of the property to do it all over again. He says I'm his sex slave and makes me call him Master. I think I'm addicted. 

lilarianna [userpic]


June 22nd, 2010 (08:30 am)

This is a note to let my friends know.. except for one... he should certainly know who he is *smiles* but in case he needs a hint... your name begins with an M.

I have lost interest in ageplay. It filled a void that i needed filled at the time. it was a way for me to ignore....yet at the same time not ignore my submissiveness. Everyone always asks me why i like ageplay. My answer has always been the taboo of it. Well yes and no...

i have learned the past few weeks that my actually reason is because if i am rping a child....that character needs to be taken care of... its expected. My past experience which has caused me to ignore the sub in me, told me i was weak...i know better. But regardless, i found myself delving into child characters, whom you expect to be weak... verses a grown woman.

The dad i wrote about.... i am sorry to you. you have been wonderful to me. But i need some time to figure me out a bit more. you know my story probably better than anyone else here. The exception being "M" i do not wish to hurt you, though i know this probably will. And for that i'm sorry. but for me to continue is just lying to you. And you know how i have had to deal with someone i care about lying to me here recently.... i wont do that to you.

this has been fun for me, it has been healing in ways that i never thought possible. it is time for me to embrace myself, love myself again, accept myself for who i truly am.  I don't know if i'll come back to this from time to time or not. right now i am delighting in getting to know adult me again. And you know, i'm learning... she's not half bad after all.

i hope that you all understand and if you don't, well i can't help that. I wish you all the very best, you have brought me much pleasure and joy and i only hope that in the past year or so that i have done that same thing for you.

best wishes in your journey.


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May 6th, 2010 (10:27 am)

So for those that have asked, I have aim now.... lilarianna1

yahoo is of course still the same

lilarianna [userpic]


May 3rd, 2010 (10:13 pm)

I have been very lucky in finding some very good male rpers. I have one mainly that I play with on a regular basis, and he's an absolute gem!

I have been pondering lately a question of why you don't find more Female players except for those of us playing "little" or subs or the like. I know that with myself I do switch. I stopped doing so online because it never fails..... I get someone to play with.... and its the quickest cum and poof I've ever seen lol... is that why that is? And if so.. why do people do that!!!! LOL it drives me crazy!

Now get me wrong, I'm not lacking. But lets just be honest here shall we? I love women as much as I do men. I haven't had a female playmate in a really long time.  So it would be very nice!

So if any of you ladies out there are interested let me know :) You won't regret it.

Yahoo..... littlemiss.arianna

If more tend to use aim i supposeee I could get that, let me know :)


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September 22nd, 2009 (11:54 pm)

So a lot of the stories here have been inspiring me, I do write little short ones from time to time, so maybe I will put a few here. I really SHOULD use this journal for something shouldn't i?

So little fyi,

My journal has not a drop of truth to it, except for the fact that I am all grown up and a female, I am really bi-sexual, and I really do have a submissive side. The rest, false. My real life is not here. I like most leave real life behind when I log on. This is a break from my wonderful reality. A chance to glimpse into fantasy.

My stories will be ageplay related. So if that offends you, then you need to move on somewhere else. I do not have a fetish for children, I have a fetish for the idea of the taboo. It's the taboo that turns me on.

So we will see what my mind comes up with.


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Submission is...

August 29th, 2009 (04:12 pm)

Just to set a few things straight.

1. Submission does not mean weak.

2. Submission does not mean I am brainless.

3. Submission does not mean the world revolves around YOU.

4. Submission does not mean I am not important.

5. Submission does not make me a door mat.

However Submission does make up who I am, and I am more than just submissive. I have also a stubborn brat =)

I am also a woman, I have a brain, shock gasp....

Those of you who are going around playing Dom.... do yourselves a favor and stop. You are making fools of yourselves.  Those that really are, know exactly how those subs need to be treated... and guess what, I have never had a real dom treat me like I was an equal to the chair.

Rant over.

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I'm back

August 28th, 2009 (03:01 pm)

current mood: horny

I am back, and looking for some playmates!

I prefer real life age to be over 25, I am 33. I prefer detailed rpers.

I am an ageplayer only. I will play your daughter, granddaughter, stepdaughter, niece, sister, student, kidnap victim, neighbor, the possibilities are endless! I will not be your mother or big sister or babysitter. I will however be a babysitter that you plan on seducing while your kids and wife are sleeping *grins* I just won't babysit you. I always play the younger one, I never dominate my nature is too submissive for that.

Roles are welcome to include bdsm, but they do not have too. I have no objections to Daddy/Mommy becoming my dom/me and master/mistress

I am bi, I equally enjoy both men and women.

I can be both slutty and angelicly sweet and innocent. I can be willing or not. I don't mind being raped as long as you are not brutal.

I do not have conversations or anything to do with real life children, this is roleplay only, if you do this sort of thing in real life you need to go away now and knock that off.

I do not rp with animals, bathroom play unless it's a bubble bath... I am not a toilet. If you are into that, great, i'm not.

I do not do gore, brutality, you can get rough, but not brutal. I don't like feet, you can not touch mine and i certainly won't be touching yours.

You can find me on yahoo==== littlemiss.arianna

lilarianna [userpic]


July 19th, 2009 (07:12 pm)

current mood: naughty

Feeling very frisky, if anyone is up to some play, add me to your yim......littlemiss.arianna....

lilarianna [userpic]

Still around

July 19th, 2009 (12:06 pm)

current mood: okay

Hi everyone,

I am still around, was a very very busy week, hope to catch up later tonight.

lilarianna [userpic]

(no subject)

July 5th, 2009 (06:25 pm)

current mood: silly

I am loving lj, it's so much fun! 

It's nice to find people with my same interests, it's a shame that you can't really find too many places to intereact as adults, who just have different needs, and different sides than a lot of other people. But I am noticing that I am not alone, and that it is perfectly ok to have these needs and desires between grown ups.

I can't wait to meet more people, too bad those in my offline life don't get it.....

Have a fun day! 

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